Hot - Air Dryers

The EDB range of hot air dryers, has been developed for the treatment of all non-hygroscopic thermoplastics materials. The drying cycle is optimized by a system which recycles all or part of the return air, relative to the initial percentage moisture content of the granule. Althoug these units have an ideal application when installed directly on the barrel of the moulding machine or extruder, it is possible to install them at the most convenient side of the machine

  • Stable hopper air flow
  • Electronic process temperature control with digital display
  • Alarm with digital display
  • Process thermoregulator with alarm
  • Working with open circuit until 140oC
  • High head blowers
  • With hoppers until 150 lt. is advisable a direct installation on the machine
  • With hoppers higher than 150 lt, is advisable a installation at the side of the machine with retransport of the material
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