Central Conveying Systems


The traditional methods for the transformation of the plastic materials have to be assisted by more and more technological productive process. More and more companies, that aim at a superior quality, have created a transformation process by the analysis of several parameters. The adoption of these new technologies permitted a costant quality that is the indispensable pressupposition to quarantee the future success of the companies. Our productive systems, planned to measure, are the result of a research completed observing these parameters that are succefully checked and tested. Analysing the correct productive process starting from dehumidification, it is obtained:

  • Minimum and costant granule’s humidity.
  • Optimum granule’e temperature before its transformation.

  • Material’s dehumidifiacation by a centralized system directly in the stocking area, optimize the process with cost reduction. The integrated and automatic working helps the increase of the productivity and a technical particulars improvement of the final product. SB is able to study the optimum solution for each different operative structure, guaranting high quality performances and a improvement of the single process.