Injection Moulding Machines

TSP - M / MS Series Injektion Moulding Machines


With the rigid cast platen-design using FEA (Finite Element Analysis), the optimized moving platen ensures minimum deflection for maximum control and toggle linkage durability. Equipped with the world famous KEBA series PLC controller, M Series is extremely reliable with the fast response operation. M Series, servo motor and energy machine adopt fully digital closed loop control, and the pressure can accurate to 0.3 bar , with high precision and stable flow, especially under low flow rate.

Modular Design

M Series can fully meet the customized order, because all components are modularized for the fast organization of the manufacturing plan, for example; the power system of M Series can choose fixed pump, variable pump, servo system, all can be realized without changing any mechanical parts.

Leading Technology

TSP Machinary; persist to cherish and support technology innovation. Our efforts on high-tech innovation and R&D have raised our core competitive edge. Now, we have mastered and use whole closed-loop control, high efficiency and energy saving control, low-noise control, high speed injection on our machines. Our R&D center including test center, information center and standardized team and trialproduce center, covering machinery, electronics, electric, hydraulic transmission, polymers etc.

Energy Saving

Adopting the YUKEN variable pump hydraulic system (imported servo system optional), and it can save 30%-60% energy compared to same size fixed pump. It can also save transformer capacity in the factory, for example, the 150 KVA transformer can maximum supply 8-9 sets 128 tonnage IMM, but it can supply 10-11 sets same IMM which adopts the variable pump.