Electric Injection Molding Machine

TSP - JSW Series Electric Injection Molding Machines

Energy Saving

Approximantely. 60% energy saving with highly e…cient servo motors and energy recovery. Power is used e­ectively without any energy surplus. The servo drives require no external cooling.

62 MS Algorithm Technology

Use of a high-speed servo control circuit in the "JSW Series" reduces scanning time to 1/16th of conventional controls and achieves an outstanding 62 micro seconds of scan time. It promotes product quality through a reduction in performance variation, such as holding transfer pressures.

High Performance

Cycle time is shortened by quick, highly reproducible parallel movements. Quick cycles with outstanding process reliability = productivity x quality = profit.

Special Control Functions

The JSW injection comprassion molding feature enables the molt position to be controled to accuracles over 10 times that of direct-preasure molding.